Allergies and Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

Here at Vets & Pets, we are also very proud to offer Homeopathy, which is also called Alternative Medicine. We started offering this service because many owners do not like to give traditionally prescribed medications. Feel free to ask about our alternatives for things such as pain, vomiting, allergies, and much more! We believe this sets us apart from many other veterinary hospitals!

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a field of study that is specific to an animal’s inner body systems. We look at the function of various areas of your pets’ inside parts through non-invasive means, giving our doctors a clearer picture of your pet’s’ health.


Glaucoma is a condition when the pressure builds inside the eye because there is too much fluid in the eye. This occurs because the eye can’t drain the fluid out properly. It is really important to catch glaucoma early because it can cause damage to the optic nerve, causing blindness.


The idea of your pet being infested with parasites is a disturbing thought, but it’s also a medical issue that can have serious consequences if not properly dealt with or prevented. Parasites pose a variety of health issues for our pets, who can be very susceptible to certain parasites depending on age, region, and other factors.

At Vets & Pets, we emphasize the importance of preventing parasites. Through preventative measures, you can successfully protect your pet. Pets that are not protected often develop parasites, leading to serious problems for them and their owners.

The cost of prevention is minimal compared to the cost of treatment, which can be expensive and stressful on your pet. Parasites like heartworm can even be fatal, so preventing parasites is of the utmost importance.

Treating Your Pet’s Cancer

Cancer is commonly diagnosed in older pets, although some cancers can affect pets of any age. There are many different types of cancer and symptoms can vary dramatically depending on which part of the body the cancer affects.

We are here to help ensure your pet stays as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Annual physical exams along with routine blood work and radiographs (x-rays) are some ways that help detect cancer early. Ask your pet’s veterinarian about additional tests we offer to help diagnose cancer.

Your Pet’s Nutrition

Here at Vets & Pets, we are very excited to offer nutritional counseling for pet owners in Martinsburg, WV and the surrounding communities.

Nutrition is so important for pets throughout their lives. As animals age, their nutritional needs change. There are puppy, adult, and senior diets to accommodate pet’s changing needs. Then there are also diets made to help pets with certain diseases and conditions. It is important to discuss your pet’s diets with our staff every time you visit our hospital.

A very common problem in pets that needs to be addressed is obesity. Many owners overfeed their pets when they beg. They also like to show their pets their love by feeding them treats. However, obesity can be a real problem. Talk to one of our friendly staff members to get your pets on a diet and exercise plan to get them back on track to a healthier life.

If you are concerned about your pet’s diet, weight, or lifestyle, feel free to contact us today. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Here at Vets & Pets, we are proud to offer veterinary specialist referrals.

As veterinary professionals, we will do everything we can to help your pets. However, there are times when your pets need more than we are able to do. They may need a specialist who is able to perform more complex diagnostic testing and surgeries.

For times like these, we have a list of veterinary specialists that we trust. Often, we work closely with these specialists to give your pets the care they deserve. They are very good at keeping us informed of your pet’s progress. We will help you and the specialist to ensure that your pets have a speedy recovery.

If you think your pets need to be seen by a specialist, don’t hesitate to contact us today.